MisInterpreted Too

“It was all a little bit rubbish. Until you made my life complete.” “People who makes us happy are never the people we expect.” - Gina Campbell

“People do stupid things when they’re trying to act like they’re not trapped.” “It was worse, then it was okay. Then it got better. And then we got you. We got all the things we love.” - Rob Fitch

“The first time we saw you, sat drawing away like you did, head-down… we knew then that you were for us.” “You are hope. Do you see? That’s what you are. So don’t ever be any less because of anyone or anything in this world, OK?” - Jeff Fitzgerald

“When I saw your little heartbeat on the screen, I loved you. More than anything else. That hasn’t changed.” “Promise me you’ll keep yourself safe.” -  Shelley McGuinness